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Hair Peace

Mad Men Hair Building Products

Now you can instantly fill the gaps caused by thinning hair:

Step 1: Sprinkle Mad Men® Hair Fibers over thin hair areas and use our applicator comb to maintain uniform distribution.

Step 2: Apply our Mad Men® Fiber Lock Spray to hold everything in place and resist wind, rain and sweat.

As part of your new daily routine, Use our Mad Men® Thickening Shampoo to clean and help thicken existing hair strands.

Use our Mad Men® Thickening Serum to stimulate micro-circulation and create healthy conditions for new hair growth.

Mad Men Hair Building Fibers Live Demonstration

See a live demonstration of how Mad Men Hair Building Fibers can transform the appearance of a bald spot to a full, thick head of hair. Available now in all shades including black, brown, grey, auburn, medium brown, light brown, dark blonde, and light blonde!

Before & After Pictures

Hair Peace
Hair Peace
Hair Peace