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Not Just Women…Men Can Too Improve their appearance and look better. Now for the first time guys, we’ve got you covered. Witness Results!

Men's Face Club

Simplified Skin Care for Men

It’s time to look AWESOME!


Our Starter Package provides the essentials you need for fresh, clean skin, plus the moisturizer and SPF 30 protection you need whenever you step outside. 


  • Witness Micro-Derm Cleanser
  • Witness Protection




60 Day Supply only $59.95


Our Starter Package + PM adds our Peptide Serum to moisturize, repair and rebuild while you sleep. The results are smoother skin and less fine lines.


  • Witness Micro-Derm Cleanser
  • Witness Protection
  • Witness Peptide Serum PM



60 Day Supply only $79.95


Our Witness Protection Package includes everything you need for a perfect face plus our Firming Eye Cream and our Concealer pen to discreetly cover scars and blemishes. 


  • Witness Micro-Derm Cleanser
  • Witness Protection
  • Witness Peptide Serum PM
  • Witness Firming Eye Cream
  • Witness Concealer

60 Day Supply only $99.95


All of our Witness Skin Care for Men products are made with the highest quality ingredients and guaranteed to make you look and feel your best. LOOK AWESOME EVERY DAY!


We provide FREE SHIPPING for all orders with no purchase minimum required. Most orders are shipped within 24-48 hours of being received along with an email notification when shipped.


As a convenience, we provide a 60-day auto-ship service that automatically replenishes your supply at our reduced price. You can adjust this frequency at any time! 

Get The Complete Witness Protection Package!

This special offer now includes our FIVE CORE products: moisturizer with SPF 30, micro-derm cleanser, scar and blemish concealer, serum PM, and firming eye cream. Plus, we’ll also include a FREE pair of POLARIZED SUNGLASSES and CONDOMS for the ultimate protection! All packaged and delivered in our custom gift can! Our Witness Protection Package makes the perfect gift for EVERY MAN! Birthday, Graduation, Back to School, Bachelor Party, Winter Holiday or ANY SPECIAL OCCASION!

Men’s Face Club: The Essentials

When it comes to personal care we want products that are effective. We don’t like complicated. Make it easy, make it work, make it awesome, and we’ll keep using the same thing until we’re too old to know the difference. We are creatures of habit. Our Witness Skin Care products are as simple as black and white. Each item is specifically formulated to perform a task that will improve your appearance. Join our Men’s Face Club and we will automatically replenish your supply every 60 days.

So what’s on your face? Only the best micro-derm cleanser that removes dead skin cells, dirt, and debris that you come in contact with every day.

Follow that with our Witness Protection moisturizer which goes on so smoothly your face literally drinks it in. It also provides a powerful shield from harmful UVA and UVB rays (broad spectrum protection).

Upgrade Your Appearance! 

Our Witness Firming Eye Cream does just that. It tightens the skin around your eyes. Be bright eyed and bushy, Bro!

Once you go outside your face is assaulted with a multitude of unseen enemies. Our Witness Peptide Serum PM puts your face in a rejuvenating time machine so you wake up looking great with smoother skin and less fine lines.

Men Can Feel Beautiful Too!

We can’t be perfect, be we can certainly look perfect! Scars and blemishes are a part of life, but there’s no reason they have to be seen. Our Witness Concealer is the perfect solution for imperfections! Men are swearing by it and many confidentially report carrying their Witness Concealer with them for touch-ups throughout the day. Makeup for Men is the hottest new trend. Be a part of it today!

Join our Men’s Face Club and you’ll receive an uninterrupted supply of our Witness Skin Care products plus free gifts, special offers, and a whole lot more! You can cancel at any time and you can also adjust the timing to match your actual usage.

Witness Protection Package
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Witness Clean & Protect Combo Package
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Disposable Drawstring Boxer-type Swimwear
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811 Powernet Shaper Vest for Men
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Mad Men® Hair Building Fibers Starter Kit
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