Historical Timeline of Men’s Use of Make-Up

Tribal men wore make-up for ceremonial and pagan festivities.

Ancient Egypt circa 3000 BC
Pharaohs rocked with a black powder rimmed eyes that rivaled Captain Jack Sparrow.

Hellenistic Age circa 31 BC
Alexander the Great claimed eye make-up helped protect the skin around his eyes and sheltered them from the sun’s glare. He also credited his make up for winning battles.

Ancient Rome circa 8th Century BC
Romans painted their heads to disguise premature baldness

Pre-French Revolution 18th Century
Super-powdered faces were the rage and men used cosmetics to hide effects of age, blemishes and the sun.

Clark Gable hit the movie screens and launched a world wide man love for greasy, waxy hair that would span the generations.

1970’s and 1980’s
Make-up was the domain of the goths and punks who wanted to challenge the status quo. Even today Steven Tyler wears more make-up than daughter Liv.

Boy George Fashion and Make-Up Book is published and important make-up lessons for men are learnt.

Jared Leto, Johnny Depp, Brandon Flowers and Bille Joe Armstrong become poster boys for guy liner.

YSL launched the male version of the hugely popular Touche Eclat.

Zac Efron wears foundation and the internet nearly breaks! Cosmetic Heartthrobs Zac Efron, Marc Jacobs, and all love with a touch of make-up.

Tom Ford launches men’s cosmetic line. He wears a bronzer on his forehead, nose, and check bones which ofteny get hit by the sun.

Marc Jacobs launches a unisex make-up collection. He believes that anything can be for men or women.

Actor Rob Lowe launches “Profile 4 Men” a men’s high performance grooming guide.

BM Cosmetics launches Australia’s first make-up line purely for men. Complete with mascara, bronzer, and sensual creams.

French President Emmanuel Macron admits to spending $39,000 a year on make-up!

The Future
Prince George applies some blush to his cheeks and kick-starts a worldwide demand for rouge among men.

Now MEN CAN TOO will guide guys to Better Looks!